Landing the Plane: From Pre-Assault to Calling Counsel

An introduction to Reality Based Training…

Objective: The goal of this course is to help the student to identify and respond to emergent threatening behavior by unknown persons in places that support violent criminal acts.

Key information and skills:

The victim selection process and how to stay out of it.
Categories of pre-assault indicators and how to recognize them.
How to maintain distance and buy yourself time.
How to use your words without falling into dialogue.
Ask, Tell, Make as it applies to civilians.
When to “Go First” and what to do.

We will utilize role play and scenarios to give participants the opportunity to practice a safer way of interacting with unknown persons. Our focus is on appropriate, authentic, and believable responses to realistic encroachment problems. Our role play will include contacting authorities for help, interacting with help when it arrives, and who to call in the aftermath.

Equipment will be provided. There is no live fire or hard contact during this course.

4 thoughts on “Landing the Plane: From Pre-Assault to Calling Counsel

  1. My wife and I had the opportunity to attend Landing the Plane instructed by Michael J Anderson. What a class! We have been to a number of classes in the past regarding self defense, armed, unarmed, Mag 20, the list goes on. Michael’s class brought something new. His class included techniques on how to keep an unknown contact at distance without escalating the situation, keep them from closing the distance, simple moves to make space to get away or fight, and dealing with 911 operators and responding officers. Other classes we have been to have talked about these issues but have never gone into the depth that Michael does. If you ever have a chance to take his class….do it.

    Thank you Michael for making the trip to Iowa in the winter.
    Erick & Pam

  2. Thank you for coming to Iowa to teach ” Landing the Plane “. Your presentation, personality, honesty in which you
    teach are Spot On!

    I’m so glad I volunteered second on Sunday. I was getting nervous because I wanted to come across like I meant
    business. Your critiquing while role playing was excellent. I was in the moment, because I don’t remember the
    drawing of my firearm. It’s strange to actuality press the trigger as you were coming at me. But I understand why
    you have students follow thru.I’ll keep a watch for the next class.

    Be safe sincerely,

  3. Just attended the program with my wife. Excellent delivery of content. Clear understandable process from start to finish. I feel this is one of the better programs I have attended in many years. Thank you for coming down to Mason City, Iowa to put this program on.

  4. I took this class with my wife & my parents. None of them routinely carry a firearm for defense like I do. The curriculum in LTP really gives you the tools to be aware of what’s going on around you and deal with individuals that are unknown to you. The way Michael delivers the material is excellent. It’s laid out in a manner that you can grasp. I’ve been to courses before where the jargon is pretty heavy. You can really come to this class with no experience and leave with real-world applicable knowledge.
    I teach basic firearms classes as well as permit to carry classes. The hands on training scenarios were EXCELLENT. I hadn’t been to anything like this before. Even in a classroom setting, I was able to see how my mind processed information differently while we induced stress moments. I had forgotten things that my aggressor had said to me while we were discussing the aftermath of what had happened.
    I would hands down recommend this class to instructors of any level, people that carry daily and people that have no interest in carrying a firearm. All you need to realize is there are people out there that are willing to do harm to you, and you don’t want to fall victim.

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